SQL Server troubleshooting – filegroup warning alerts


To obtain information that will help me troubleshoot, solve these type of alerts

My way of achieving it

Using tsql and xp_cmdshell. From time to time and depending of the monitoring solution in place alerts related to filegroup for a database is something common throughout the day of the dba and I wanted to have something that will help me while solving those type of alerts. The script that I am using for solving these alerts doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take further actions anymore is just an way to tell me if a deeper investigation or look should be made. The output of the script is below and the script requires the database name and the threshold for which you want the script to calculate the new values. In most of the cases the threshold is 80 but some implementations can configure the threshold to 90 which means that the alerts will come when the used percentage of the database is >=90.

These are the places that needs to be modified to reflect your database and your threshold

SET @dbname = ‘AdventureWorks’ — database name
SET @threshold = 50 — threshold

As you can see below



the script shows the current info and increases the maxsize for database files belonging to the PRIMARY filegroup with at least 2%. The main goal of the increase is to have a maxsize that will make the used space in percent to be smaller than threshold. When the comment for each database file specifies that the maxsize is bigger than the free space on that drive we need to have a look and possible to start the increase disk procedure for that location.

The script can be downloaded from here

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