Display folder size in a graphical way using SQL Server


To obtain the size of folders and their path in graphical way. To have the output of tree command, dir command and the folder size in only one output.

My way of achieving it

Using tsql, xp_cmdshell in order to call the tree, dir and powershell.exe command s.  The desire to have something like that came when I have to troubleshoot and see who is the biggest consumer in case of free space issues. Of course that multiple approaches and solutions can solve this question but I stopped on using the tree command because I liked the look of the output. The first output shows the information as the tree command does while the other tries to sort them by size in order to easy see the biggest consumer. One problem with this is that for locations where sql server doesn’t have access the size returned is 0. Even so I decided to finish the script and use it like this because of the output. The script has also a deep switch that will let you decide how deep you want to traverse the folders, maximum is 3.

The output of the script looks like this


The code can be downloaded from here

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