Tracking activity to word document for audit purpose or to prove the compliance

More than once we need to provide a prove of some of the steps, if not all, that we took while implementing a change or when solving a ticket. Sometimes this can be accomplished easily using the screen capture software or just the Microsoft built in print screen while in other cases depending on the length of the activity that we need to track it becomes heavily intrusive.

Because of this I started to search how I can do it easier by the mean of automation and powershell. The problems/questions to solved were:

  • how often I should take a capture
  • what the capture size should be
  • which capture I should write to the document

The answers to those questions were

  • every second I am checking if a mouse movement occurred and if yes a capture will be taken at the position where the mouse was
  • I chose a size that will show me enough area surrounding the mouse. This area can be changed to fit your requirements but it will affect the document size.
  • all captures taken when the mouse moves, movement of the mouse means we did something. I am not using the keyboard too much while performing my day to day tasks.

We need of course to have Word and before saving the document we need to stop the script execution.

Below is how the document look like

The script can be downloaded fromĀ here